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    On check out, consider rounding up or donating a kit to other women in the country who might be in a similar situation like you.

    STD testing, the way it should be
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    60 Min. Telemedicine Consult

    Telemedicine consult to discuss specific medical guidance based on your needs. After checkout, you'll get an email with a link to schedule your telemedicine chat.

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    Our clinicians are available for medical consults, prescriptions, or to answer anything else you’re curious about.

    You’ll check-out and then receive an email with a link to schedule your telemedicine consult. Telemedicine appointments are generally available within 2 business days.

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    No Judgments, always.

    Our clincial team is here to talk you through any and all sexual health questions. We’re non-judgmental - always, and focused on creating the safest space possible.

    Iron-clad Security Included.

    We use military-grade encryption to store your data and deploy a state-of-the-art firewall to monitor and look for any malicious attempts to gain access to your data. Read our Privacy Policy for more info.

    Sexual Autonomy for all.

    We stand for reproductive choice and sexual freedom because we know that you—and only you—can make the best decisions for your body.

    Pay it Forward

    Feel good by contributing – and allowing others to gain clarity on the STI results. Note: TBD Health Inc. is not a non-profit.
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